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Brake Service

Stop Safely and Smoothly: Trust Our Expert Brake Service! Your brake system is comprised of a long list of parts and all of them are under a great deal of stress much of which depends on how you drive as each of us is very different in that regard.  Some of us are more aggressive […]
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Belts, Hoses & Filters

Belts, Hoses, & Filters

Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly: Expert Belt, Hose, and Filter Services! At Dunrite Automotive & Transmission we see a lot of problems caused by neglected hoses, belts, and filter maintenance from our customers here in Columbia, Darlington, and Florence. These items are durable and last a long time, but not forever, and rarely give warning […]
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Battery & Electric

Power Up Your Drive: Expert Battery and Electric Services Await! At Dunrite Automotive & Transmission in Columbia, Darlington, and Florence we understand that the charging and electrical systems are the most intricate and complex systems on your vehicle, particularly modern cars. Our highly trained technicians have access to the proper equipment to diagnose and repair […]
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Auto Repair

Auto Repairs

Revitalize Your Ride: Comprehensive Auto Repairs Tailored to You! Our drivers in Columbia, Darlington, and Florence, SC can avoid excessive car repairs by keeping their vehicles well-maintained through a pro-active program here at Dunrite Automotive & Transmission. We know that many drivers make the unfortunate mistake of not performing routine maintenance on their cars, or […]
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Radiator Service

Radiator Service

Keep Your Engine Cool: Explore Our Expert Radiator Service! Here at Dunrite Automotive & Transmission, we like to keep our Columbia, Darlington, and Florence drivers on the road and a radiator issue will put your vehicle in Park faster than most issues! Every liquid-cooled engine on the road has a radiator; without it, the engine […]
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Tune Ups


Optimize Your Ride: Discover Our Expert Tune-up Services! Do you find your vehicle acting: Sluggish. Squealing. Unreliable. Vibrating? If any of these descriptors fit your vehicle’s recent behavior, it just might be trying to tell you something. Bring your car, truck, SUV into Dunrite Automotive & Transmission in Columbia, Darlington, and Florence, SC for a tune-up […]
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Transmission Rebuilds

Shift into Smoothness: Expert Transmission Repair Services Await! We know having to have your transmission worked on seems like a big job and that’s why at Dunrite Automotive & Transmission we are here to help! Our team is made up of transmission experts that can get your issues solved. No matter if your vehicle is […]
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Timing Belts

Timing Belt

Timing Belt Precision: Trust Our Expert Timing Belt Service! Proper maintenance will save you serious money and when it comes to your timing belt the perfect example is replacing the belt. It is relatively easy and in comparison not doing so causes major damage resulting in serious costs!  We tell our Columbia, Darlington, and Florence […]
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Smooth and Stable: Experience Our Expert Suspension Services! Your car’s suspension is probably something you don’t think about very often. Typically, suspension parts wear out slowly and worsen over a long period of time, so you may not even notice that you have worn suspension parts until other parts have worn out or broken. Dunrite Automotive […]
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Strut Repair

Smooth Out Your Ride: Discover Our Expert Strut Repair Service! Your struts are vital to vehicle safety and the comfort you experience while driving!  Most of our Columbia, Darlington, and Florence drivers don’t understand that a bad strut can increase the distance you need to stop your vehicle and that is putting the need for […]
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